Help us to help you, your pet and your budget by taking time to read this material.

When you take the time to read through the basic information in this section, fill out the online registration form and complete the super secure online authorization ,you streamline the process of becoming a client, you save yourself and us time thus allowing us to do the best job we can.

Rather than spending 20-30 minutes with every new, prospective client on the phone, this material allows us to place emphasis on helping our current patients rather than repeating the same information over and over many times a day every day. If you have further questions, after reading through this material, we will be pleased to answer them.

Another plus is, once we start your case, you already should have an understanding of the process and that will help (especially clients seeking homeopathic therapy) save time. Since we charge for the time we spend on the case, the less time we need to use explaining the basics, the more time we can spend on the actual case.

We strongly advise EVERY prospective clients to read the Consultation Guide, as this explains our office procedures, and our fees.

If, like many visitors,you are interested in Homeopathic treatment (or unsure of the best treatments for your case), PLEASE read through the Homeopathic Primer and look at the Homeopathy Tutorial area. This material is designed give you a much deeper insight into homeopathic therapy in a few minutes. It contains a realistic example case and additional tools to show you how we apply homeopathic principles to our cases.

We will take whatever time we need to help you understand what we are doing, but any background you gain on your own helps us to help you and your loved ones in less time (and cost). If we do not need to teach you the basics, we can focus more on the case itself so TAKE THE TIME NOW please.

To explore the different holistic tools (modalities) we have available to help your case, please look at the overview in the menu Our Services -> Holistic Medicine Overview or Click Here

Once you are comfortable that this is the direction you wish to pursue in seeking improved health for your pet or family, follow these 2 important and REQUIRED steps to send your information and permission form to us so we can set up your file and get your scheduled.

Until we have both completed items, we CANNOT set up your file or proceed.

Step 1- Fill out the online information form with your basic information for our file creation (please click here or use the link below) so we have your information in our system.

Step 2 -: After successfully submitting the online information form, you should end up at the Adobe Echosign authorization page. Fill this out with your payment information, email, and digitally sign it in both places. Once you complete this, you will receive an email from Adobe Echosign with a link that allows you to confirm your identity. Since you must confirm your email address your data security is NEVER risk.

Follow those instructions to approve the secure form and it will become available to our office

During this processes you will also receive email confirmation that your information has been sent to our system and Karen Bernstein ( will be in touch ASAP to get you an appointment.

Depending on the urgency of the situation we often can arrange an appointment within the week and in critical situations, we will always try to rearrange things to make room. We have a great group of clients that are willing to rearrange their non emergency follow-ups should the need arise They know they might need the same courtesy one day. Please note we often choose to work many weekends and holidays to make things more convenient both work and traffic-wise.

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