Providing our information for clients on this site and having clients read through our Consultation Guide and other related documents saves us a great deal of time rather than spending 20-30 minutes with every prospective client on the phone. This allows us to place our emphasis on helping our patients rather than repeating the same information over and over every day.

All new or prospective clients should read the Consultation Guide as tis explains our office procedures, what we do and what we charge, If you are interested in Homeopathic treatment, PLEASE read through the Homeopathic Primer and look at the Extra Credit area.This can give you a much deeper insight into homeopathic therapy.

If you want to review the different tools we have available to help your case, please look at the overview in the menu -> Our Services or Click Here

Once you are comfortable this is the direction you wish to pursue:, the next 2 steps are REQUIRED to expedite your file setup so we can schedule your appointment until we have both items, we CANNOT proceed.

Step 1 Fill out the online information form (please click here or use the link below) so we have your information on file.

Step 2. Print and fax (or we can also send a digital copy by fax or email if you need) the authorization (see below) as we need a copy on file BEFORE scheduling an appointment with a new client. If you do not have fax access, please let us know and we can send a secure electronic copy for you to fill out and sign digitally and SAFELY (online).

In depth, interactive homeopathic example and primer

The Extra Credit Area has a new Expanded version of the Primer that starts with a short quiz, goes onto a much more detailed version of the Primer and then onto a short sample case to better help you understand the principles of Homeopathy
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1. ***Consultations is a guide to our consultation service
2. ***Authorization is our permission form for treatment
3. ***The  Homeopathic Primer is a our short introduction to homeopathy
4. Extra Credit - An Introductory Quiz, An Expanded expanded
version of the Primer and a sample homeopathic work-up.


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