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About Our Fees in General

We base of charges on the procedures we need to perform and case time spent on your animals case.

Telephone, email internet consultations are charged solely by the time spent on a case at the rate of $180 per hour in 5 minute increments with a minimum follow-up, in most cases, of $75

In person visits for consultations, acupuncture, chiropractic, well pet visits, laser therapy depend on the procedures performed but usually come out to the same general rate plus an office exam fee of $35. Medication, supplies, use of the high power laser are usually additional. We do have fees that include these items, like acupuncture - laser therapy, as an example. Since these types of therapies usually involve 4-6 visits, we offer reduced "packages" if you prepay for multiple therapy visits. Since each case is unique, these are only guidelines and we will be glad to discuss more specifics for long term therapy options, as needed.